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Simple Being SImply Is

I am sure there are many out there that are not of any religious brand, but I was curious to know, if there are any, what attracted you it? Or rather, is there anyone out there that came from a religious deity, but later separated after going on your own search for what "Truth" really was?

I was raised Catholic. It was about a couple of years ago I'd say where I learned how to meditate and start thinking honestly about "what was going on." So came the question of, "Why do you go to church?" After contemplating this, I decided to make an honest effort to attend church on my own -- not because my parents told me so. It was when I did go more often that I realized that there is more than church that is out there. Here I was in a building full of other spiritual and obligated beings, all dressed up for show, trapped in this cage where most only practice their faith inside. This is how I felt, and I had this strong sense that there was so much more out there. So I stopped attending, admitting my hypocracy for even being there, and went on my search. In doing so, I studied the Qur'an, the Baghavad Gita, the Tao te Ching, the Bible, and the I Ching. More to come, eventually. Of all the different philosophies and deities I studied, Taoism and Buddhism seemed to click. In other words, they simply made sense. As I do not agree with everything within each deity, I have learned so much from both. I do not label myself anything, and learning is continuing to be a constant in everyday life. I practice being the Life I am and meditate every so often. Since my search, I have had less stress, gained more insight and understanding to so many different things, and have become happier than I expected to be a few years back.

I'd like to hear other people's stories of how they got to the point where they're at now, if no one minds. I think it'd be interesting, and quite likely, an opportunity to learn more from another. Sorry if this is too long of a post, but my mind was wandering.
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