Sarah Rigas (sarahrigas) wrote in taoistwisdom,
Sarah Rigas

What about community?

After years of thinking and yearning, I have finally gotten comfortable with my not knowing what the truth is exactly. Taoism/Zen Buddhism make a lot of sense to me, but I certainly don't feel like I'm a 'Buddist' or 'Taoist', and that's ok with me, I don't want a label. But, I was raised in the Episcopal Church, and I miss the ritual and the church community. I feel like I want to worship in some way, and be around other people in that kind of environment. But, I feel like a phoney if I go to church because I don't really buy into it. I've also tried the Unitarian Universalist Church, and they seem like cool people, but its just sooo hippy-dippy, and it always feels like everyone is stuck in the yearning and thinking phase. In other words, I like it for intellectual discussions, but it never feels like worship to me. Plus there is a sense that truth is relative to the individual, which I don't necessarily agree with.
So, do any of you have the same problem? Do you have any suggestions?
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