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Seeking wisdom


As a result of what little reading I've done on the subject, I'd tentatively describe myself as a 'Philisophical Taoist", I'd like to expand my knowledge (and from that hopefully my understanding) of things Taoist, and I'm hoping I might find some suggestions here.

I was raised in a C of E Christian environment, but that never really 'took', probably because of my fairly strong scientific side going "I see nothing that convinces me this is true". From then my beliefs have been what I'd call open minded agnosticism with an underlying assumption of atheism till convinced different - i.e. I don't know whether god(s) or other supernatural entities exist or not, so I'm not going to tell you your religious beliefs are wrong, but till convinced of something else my guess is that they probably don't.

A year or so ago I stumbled upon 'The Tao of Pooh' (the double version with the Te of Piglet), found it and the concepts in it very interesting. As a result I looked for and found an online copy of the Dao De Ching, which again I found very interesting.

In both cases I found I'd already been acting in accordance with some of the concepts/precepts, and that I felt an affinity with what was being said. In terms of the various philosophies of life I've heard over the years, it's the one that resonates most closely with me, and I'd like to get to know it more and better.

Since then I've reread both several times but haven't looked into much other stuff Taoist. I found the Zhuangzi and had read some of it before I managed to lose the file I'd stored it in. I intend to find it again, but I'm also interested in any suggestions people can offer to me on thing I might want to look into.

I call myself a philosophical Taoist because my scepticism means that I don't believe in the spirits and suchlike mentioned in religious Taoism. I'm not saying they don't exist, but I have yet to be convinced that they do. I reiterate this because it means that I am likely to find stuff that concentrates on that area of Taoism less interesting - I'm not saying don't suggest anything that includes such things, just to be aware of where I am coming from.

So can people suggest any books/other texts/websites/people/whatever else I should look at?
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