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i am not incredibly familiar with Tao, so i was hoping some of you could help me...

a friend of mine just recently gave me a Taoist Coin for good luck, and since i always like to know what i am carrying around with me, i am trying to figuare out what the symbols mean...

this is one side of the coin, and this is the other.

i have gathered some things already...i know the bat is a symbol of happiness, i know one side of the coin is the inscription: 'the God of Thunder will kill evils and bring peace and prosperity to good people.', and i know the other has the symbols of the Pa Kua: qian, dui, li, zhen, sun, kan, kên, k'un, although i am not sure what they all mean.

the two symbols i can not seem to find are these:
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can anyone give me any information on those symbols, or this coin in general?

thank you :)
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