bohemiandelight (bohemiandelight) wrote in taoistwisdom,

The Book of Chuang Tzu

Chapter 8
Webbed Toes
.... Everything has its innate nature.
Given this, then, what is curved is not curved by the use of a
template nor made straight by using a plumb line. It is not rounded
by using a compass, nor made square by using a set-quarter; not
made adhesive through glue and varnish, nor bound together by
ropes and bands. Then everything under Heaven is made as it is by
the ways of nature, without understanding why or how. Everything
achieves what is intended, but does not understand why or how.
Both today and in the ancient past it has always been so, and
nothing can affect this. There is no point in holding to benevolence
and righteousness, like a mixture of glue and varnish, ropes and
bands, as a means of trying to journey in the Tao and Te -- the Way
and Virtue -- for this merely confuses everything under Heaven.
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