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dancing around
gentle swaying air
under the sun
a flower
so simple

so complicated deeper

looking ultraviolet
discover faint intricate traceries
new patterns of attraction, landing pads
networks of lives coming, going, feeding into
frenzied frenzied life beats, becoming
seeds waiting towards bursting futures
all this and more...

a simple waiting flower

why does love get placed under a microscope?

It's so tempting
tasting apple bites, bits, connections, meanings, happenings
rational examinations, complicated dissections
conducted with steel scissors and tools
to place the flower into:
a vase

so we can watch it die
in agony

acceptance and understanding
are not the same thing

lets stand under
the sun, washing rains
dancing swaying air
accepting our natures

being the flower

"A personal Tao" 2005

Sparking some debate and such. I just published "A personal tao" which is freely downloadable
I am curious to get feedback.

Along the way I wanted to help the western culture heal. Its not about changing the world
but changing society. Society is a reflection of us.
We cannot change people, but we can help each other discover ourselves
and in that change in that difference, help make society a better place.

Thanks :)

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