bohemiandelight (bohemiandelight) wrote in taoistwisdom,

The Book of Chuang Tzu

Chapter 23
    Keng Sang Chu
  There is something which exists, though it emerges from no
roots, it returns through no opening.  It exists but has no place; it
survives yet has no beginning or end.  Though it emerges through
it has no permanent place; this tells us it is a dimension of space.  It
survives, but has no beginning nor end;  this tells us it has dimensions
of time.  It is born, it dies, it emerges, it returns, though in its
emergence and return there is no form to be seen.  This is what we
call the Heavenly Gate.  The Heavenly Gate is non-existence, and all
forms of life emerge from non-existence.  That which exists cannot
cause things to exist.  They all arise from non-existence.  Non-existence
is the oneness of non-existence.  This is the hidden knowledge
of the sages.
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