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Early Daoist Scriptures

Xiang'er Commentary
   The Sage is inhumane; he treats the common people as if they were
 straw dogs.

The sage models himself on heaven and earth.  He is humane to
Good people, inhumane toward evil people.  When kingly governance
turns to destruction and evil, [the Sage] also views the king as a
straw dog.  Thus people should accumulate meritorious actions so
that their essences and [internal] spirits communicate with heaven.
In this way, when there are those who wish to attack and injure
them, heaven will come to their aid.  The common run of people are
all straw dogs; their essences and spirits are unable to communicate
with heaven.  The reason for this is that, as robber and thieves with
evil intentions dare not be seen by government officials, their es-
sences and spirits are not in touch with heaven, so that when they
meet with dire extremities, heaven is unaware of it.
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